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(12/1/16 -Update-I am traveling and presenting at clinics and seminars, as well as  I am still working on upgrading booklets, technology, and self-directed rehab therapies for you. I will be working on this site AND will get back to you in emails when I am able.  I often do not have internet access during my travels, so I have temporarily disabled my contact info and some comment sections on this site because I don’t like not being able to respond to you in a timely manner. Thanks for your patience in advance! )

Rehabilitation and Conditioning for Animals provides science-based functional rehabilitation, wellness conditioning, and athletic training for all ages of companion animals in collaboration with veterinarians while also engaging community and worldwide participation in programs that benefit the human-pet experience.

I have posted a lot of information on this site, and you should be able to find info that is helpful to your pets situation unless a page or post is under construction.

Under the main website title, above (in black on the red background, “Rehabilitation and Conditioning for Animals”), you should see a bar that should be green on PC/Mac, or you will see the three short expansion lines under the title and above the main page photo if you are on a tablet or phone (click on those bars), and in that section you should see several page titles in grey ink for you to click on. These pages contain some quick answers to the questions most-asked of me. They are also titled to help you navigate quickly to the specific page you need for your immediate situation (Pet Injury, Pet Surgery, etc…). These “bullet point” pages do not contain the depth of info that you may find on this site. To gain more specific information, either use the catagories menu to the right of the this page if you are on a PC/Mac or at the bottom of this post if you are on a mobile phone or tablet.

I write all of my own posts, and I perform most of the IT work on this site and on all my other social media. It’s time-consuming, especially if I am also seeing clients, and often I have to choose between working in a technology atmosphere or seeing a pet to help them. That’s also why I’m pretty far behind on some of my editing projects 🙂

Almost everything I post is based on proprietary information, based on programs I’ve developed and clients I’ve helped, and not available elsewhere on the web to copy and paste here for you. For over 10 years I have chosen to see the pets and let a lot of my social media and techno stuff exist on the side. I am working now to upgrade everything for you.

That’s a good thing 🙂

To that end, I recently ditched my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I have this website tied to my LinkedIn account, which takes little-to-no effort, and my Goodreads account. Other than on this site, I post a lot on Instagram. Buttons to some of my other online representations are at the bottom of this page.

I have also made tools available for you to see some of the products I use so you may use them too to work on healing and recovery with your pet. I will be updating and adding to the tools section as time allows and when I find products that truly work in the field and that are more helpful than wasteful in both time and money :-). A lot of “tools” available and promoted for pet rehab are not the tools I find to be the best for individual situations. I have covered some of my findings in specific posts, and you may use the search box to find out about those if there is a modality or tool you think would be useful and want to know if I have reviewed it.

In the information toolbar to the right on desktop/laptop and at the bottom on mobile version, there is a search option and there is also a list of the top five posts people read on this site. The list changes as more users view different posts of interest to them. Use all these resources to help you gain assistance with your pets recovery.

I recommend that first you take a look at the bar across the top of the site (the one I mentioned above, in the paragraph under my LogoDog) and see the headers, “Pet Injury” or “Pet Surgery“, etc…Begin by following the info posted on the page that you are taken to when you click on the topic that describes your pets situation. These topics are not meant to be complete yet on this site, however I have posted info about some more common issues encountered in veterinary rehab on both of those pages. There is enough info to get you started on basic and some advanced recovery for your pet. I will be adding to the choices of conditions on these pages, and I explain more on those pages about how to use the info regardless of your pets orthopedic or neurologic problem diagnosis.

I also recommend that you use the search box to enter a subject you would like to know more about. I am in the (loooooong) process of editing existing pages and adding much info to this site. Some detailed topic headings are in the main category menu (the long list either to the right of this page or below this page), however not all topics are represented as of yet, so I recommend searching terms of interest. At the bottom of the main category menu, you will find the top five searched topics (as deemed by the site host) if you need some help getting started reading additional information. Some popular topics are hips, knees, back, paralyzed, dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, infection, surgery, etc…you get the idea.

Rehabilitation and Conditioning for Animals mobile practice is subject to guidelines overseen by the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.  While I (as well as the TBVME) do not require a referral from a regular veterinarian or veterinary specialist in order to begin rehab treatments or training and conditioning of an animal, I do require that your pet has been recently seen for acute issues or seen within the past year for chronic issues by a veterinarian with whom I may communicate regarding the issues I will be addressing.  I often redirect clients to be in communication with their regular vet to discuss medications, further diagnostics, and other collaborative treatment measures, and I am able to provide reports of my evaluations for your veterinarian. Your pet does need to be seen by her/his veterinarian if they have a new medical issue and/or a medical issue that has not yet been investigated or diagnosed.


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Rehabilitation and Conditioning for Animals
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