11 Month Old Havanese With Grade 3 Luxating Patellas

I have an 11 month old havanese who had surgery to fix a grade 3 luxating patella about 12 days ago. Her recovery has been going well, she’s on rymadyl and clavamox. She began putting weight on the leg immediately when we brought her home. I have followed strict crate rest and pottied her on lead only. Unfortunately she slipped out of her collar last night and ran like a wild child until I could catch her, seemed like forever, probably about 2 minutes. She did not limp then, and is not limping this morning. I am terrified that I ruined the whole surgery. I am being even more careful now, and she has a follow up with the surgeon in 3 days. If she’s not limping, painful or swollen do you think she might be okay?

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