When Should I Begin Rehab on My Pet?

Rehabilitation Begins Immediately!

Begin rehabilitation immediately by taking proper care of your injured pet or your pet that has had surgery . Timing is key to the best recovery. Whenever you or your pet are injured, beginning proper movement as soon as possible is very important to recovery.

Timing of activity and recovery are especially important in the sporting pet world (dogs, horses, etc.), where workout programs and drills are designed for competition training and injury recovery.

Bella the dog playing in water with her person a year after recovering from several issues
Bella the Wonder Dog Being her Athletic Self

Learning how and when to do particular activities with your pet after injury or surgery is all part of rehabilitation. From going outside to potty (for a dog) to climbing the indoor kitty tree to running wildly and free; all in the right timing will make you and your pet’s lives easier.

The care you give when you and your pet are together and how you care for them when you are not with them is all a part of rehabilitation.

white plastic pen for small dogs
Gracie Crate for Bedroom

The information on this website will help you to begin rehabilitation and work on doing the best rehab you are able, because your pet deserves it!




Updated February 17, 2018


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