What is Rehabilitation and Conditioning for Animals? (Rehabdeb, RehabRevolution)

Rehabilitation and Conditioning for Animals provides science-based functional rehabilitation, wellness conditioning, and athletic training for all ages and stages of companion animals in collaboration with veterinarians while also engaging community and worldwide participation in programs that benefit the human-pet experience.


  •  programs for pets for after surgery and conservative treatment instead of  surgery that you may do at home, in a standard clinic, or elsewhere
  •  programs designed by a professional certified in several related disciplines
  •  pet rehab = principles of exercise science + neuroscience + clinical medicine

When I began addressing veterinary-based pet rehab in 2004, there were no standard, concise, systematic, and progressively-oriented rehabilitation programs based on exercise physiology and recovery principles we would use for return-to-function with athletes and other very active beings published for professionals or pet caretakers on the web. I expected to find programs already being used like those I have developed and used over the years because-

1) I was accustomed to systematic programs from the human exercise physiology and recovery side of things, and

2) I wanted to move forward and build on already-established programs, desiring to develop work for specific breeds of pets, a wider variety of species, and for more extensive medical conditions.

Nside Texas MD Rehabilitation and Conditioning for Animals Article by Heather Daniels

On this website, you are receiving first-hand details regarding programs I have developed and used as well as information about outcomes I have discovered in my 13 +years of practice in veterinary rehab (see clients I’ve helped) . This is important because there is a lot of bad information on the web about how to rehab a pet, even though most of it is well-intended.

My programs are also based on over four decades of my having participated in, worked in, and created programs in human sport science, nutrition, and medical recovery. I have shared this rehab information with many pet healing groups, veterinary clinics, trainers, boarding facilities, and specialty hospitals in person and on many platforms over the years (remember MySpace?). Some of my illustrious work history is on my LinkedIn. I really need to update most of the deets on that site…

Many, many issues are discussed on this site, so I recommend you look through the Q&A and that you use the search feature to find specific topics. More info about how to get the most out of this site is on this page, How Do I Find Help For My Pet on This Site?.

Rehabilitation and Conditioning for Animals mobile practice is subject to guidelines overseen by the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.  I (and the TBVME) do not require a referral from a regular veterinarian or veterinary specialist in order to begin rehab treatments or training and conditioning of an animal. I do require that your pet has been recently seen by a veterinarian for acute issues or seen within the past year for chronic issues. I also need to be able to communicate with your pet’s regular veterinarian regarding the issues I will be addressing.

I often redirect clients to be in communication with their regular vet to discuss medications, further diagnostics, and other collaborative treatment measures. I am able to provide reports of my evaluations for your veterinarian. Your pet does need to be seen by her/his veterinarian if they have a new medical issue and/or a medical issue that has not yet been investigated or diagnosed.

Thank you for visiting and I believe you will find useful information for you and your pet!

Rehabdeb, Updated 12/6/17