Solving Difficult Problems in Multiple Pets – A Testimonial

“It’s difficult to put Deb’s awesomeness into words, but I’m going to give it a go. I’ve known her for seven years, and she has worked with my dog, my best friend’s dog, and I’ve referred several other friends’ dogs to her. They all love her, so it’s not just me who is crazy about her.

Bella the Wonder Dog Being her Athletic Self

Vets know what they know, and they don’t know what they don’t know. Like every practitioner, they use the tools they learned, but they aren’t always the best tools to solve a problem. I call this a case of “sometimes when you’re in the bottle, you can’t read the label.” Deb is a gifted label reader.

Deb has the advantage of years and years of knowledge and experience, training, wisdom, and the ability to manage and solve difficult cases like nobody I’ve ever met.

Deb is like the hub of a wheel, and in my opinion central to case management. She knows how to direct clients to the proper vet, unravel mystery ailments, and treat her clients (animal and human) with utmost respect. Plus, she has a wicked sense of humor, and she’s very empathetic–not sympathetic. There is a difference.

It requires a passionate person who approaches problems with the view of a bird flying high above to do what Deb does. Her thought process is different. Her approach is different. Her results are astounding.

Deb rocks and she’s more awesome than awesome. The end.”
~Heidi Armstrong, Injured Athlete’s Toolbox

Bella in Sun in Field on Vacay

We Are Proof that You Can Successfully Rehab Your Pet at Home Without the Trauma and Recovery of Surgery

“Deborah Carroll provides effective exercises for physical therapy that are non-invasive and can be done at home with successful outcomes.

This is a great introduction book that explains the physical therapy instead of surgery route and what it means for you and your pet. These guidelines and exercises are a way of treating a torn ligament that works as long as you and your pet are ready to take the time to achieve results.

Surgery is not always inevitable, and Deborah Carroll provides an alternative.

My dog has followed these guidelines and has had great results. At the time of her injury she could not walk on her back leg (torn ACL, meniscus). Through working with the support of our veterinarian for pain management, the physical therapy, and suggested diet changes, she not only walks on all her legs again, she can go for long walks, climb hills and stairs and pull me down the sidewalk.

We are proof that you can successfully rehab your pet at home without the trauma and recovery of surgery.”

K., Amazon Review

Miniature Poodle Pearl Does Successful Non-Surgical Rehab for Two Torn Knee Ligaments

This book saved me!!

My vet referred me to Deborah Carroll. I read her book and followed the weekly program, and my Pearl is walking like she never had an injury!

Right after Thanksgiving last year Pearl, my miniature poodle, blew out both her back knees. It was awful. I had to carry her everywhere. I live alone so it all fell on my back, literally. I have a bad back and because of lifting her constantly, I kept throwing my own back out.

I looked into buying her braces  and was so close to buying 2 of them or doing the surgery when my vet recommended Deb Carroll. I got on her website, heard about her book, bought it, and read it, and started the program the next day.

Pearl made HUGE progress very quickly.

You have to be very very patient with your dog during this process. These walks are very boring for everyone involved. 🙂 I brought my headphones and decided to make good use of my time and started teaching myself Spanish again!

Make the best of your time on these walks and the situation all together. It was so great watching Pearl get better and better everyday. IF anyone has any questions about the program or the book, feel free to message me on here (Amazon). I have nothing but positive things to say! TOTAL LIFESAVER.”
H.W., Amazon Review

Veterinarians Give Support to Non-Surgical Rehabilitation of Torn Knee Ligament in a Dog

You may find more positive veterinarian comments and reviews around the web. Below are a couple I have copied from various web locations –

“We are so grateful for the expertise and compassion you provide the central/south Texas community!”
Mission Veterinary Specialists, San Antonio, TX

“Once again, thanks for engaging the veterinary industry and client owners with your work and experience. I enjoy your enthusiasm and passion for the area.”
DVM, ACVS (American College of Veterinary Surgeons), South Texas

“Thanks so much, Deborah! The book is impressive. Maybe you should leave a copy at (some shelters) since they put so many cruciate dogs on the euthanasia list…Great work and thank you!”
DVM, Austin, TX

“Read your book. Excellent job. Now at ACVS they are all for non surgical acl (rehab)…Good job!”
DVM, Austin, TX

book cover of my non-surgical recovery booklet

“Finished reading “instead of surgery” kindle booklet. Bueno! Great discussion on importance of pain control, in particular. ”
DVM, Austin, TX

“Hi Deborah! I read your book the night I got it. I really like it and have already recommended it to a client last week. I hope she bought it. I will write a review for amazon for you, too. I hope you are really successful in this. I know how hard you work!”
DVM, Kerrville, TX

“Once again, thanks for engaging the veterinary industry and client owners with your work and experience. I enjoy your enthusiasm and passion for the area.”
DVM, ACVS, South Texas

“Great plan outline! I’ve come to think that using the water treadmill is (overrated), and it’s nice to finally have a definitive plan to get clients on the road to recovery.
DVM, ACVS, Austin, TX

“Just wanted you to know I read and appreciated the CCL rehab book, I will likely keep a few in the clinic.”
DVM, Austin, TX

“Bought one of your books last week. Its great!”
Megan Kelly BVSc DIPVET CCRP Holistic Veterinary Surgeon, Cape Town, South Africa

Please see client reviews and testimonials by clicking on either ^^ word in bold color ^^ 🙂

Thanks! Rehabdeb

(Reviewed February 21, 2018)

Great Dane With Neurological Problems, Torn Knee Ligament, Inflammation

Great Dane Miss Moneypenny Taking a Break From Rehabilitation

“I can’t say enough good things about Deb. She really helped our 12 year old Great Dane maintain her mobility up to end.

12 is ancient for a Great Dane, and Miss Moneypenny battled a lot of inflammation and ACL issues at the end of her life. Deb had a plan, she had easy manageable exercises and nutritional advice, and really just kept us all, Miss Moneypenny included, positive and moving instead of sliding into immobility and an early demise.

Miss Moneypenny passed away just shy of her 13th birthday and she was walking almost to the very end. Anyone whose ever helped a gentle giant at the end knows that the ability to move is crucial to quality of life.

Another great thing about Deb is that she comes to you! If you’ve got a big dog, or a dog that has mobility issues, you know how hard it is to get them up and out to the vets or the doggie rehab. The fact that Deb can come out to you makes things so much easier and more manageable.

Deb is a very kind compassionate and skilled professional. We were very happy to welcome her into our home and our lives.”

K. M. Dripping Springs, TX

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