Tiny the Broken Back Kitty

Tiny’s Transitional Mobility Mover-First Few Days

I built this for Tiny while I was doing rehab for her broken back. She has a standard cart, but a cart is a poor choice for Tiny and for her situation. This video is one of her first times in the Mover.

Tiny Improves in Mobility Mover

After working on a few drills a day in her Mover, Tiny ambles down her hallway during week 2 of Mover Mobility 🙂 Drills I prescribed were specific to her neuro capabilities as demonstrated by action and not solely reliant upon diagnostic statements with the exception that I am always attentive to pain signs and diagnostics as relates to damage or injury that I consider when creating exercise protocol.

Tiny Walks – Broken Back Kitty

This is Tiny Kyle, the kitty with the broken back that I featured a couple of weeks ago in the mobility station I built specific to her needs. This is the most movement she has achieved since the accident over a year ago, and this is substantial, to say the least! We are all pretty excited

Kacey Cat Does Cavaletti Work

Kacey Cat Does Cavaletti Work

Kacey has neurological problems in her hind end. I have been performing laser therapy on her and working on finding exercises that will benefit her quality of life. The owner and I discovered during one visit that she would walk one direction across a particular section of bar top to get to some place her kitty brain holds special…so special that she will repeat this action many times.

I placed 5-6 remotes across the bar top, and Kacey is to make 5-6 passes over all of them, every other day, doing it all at one time.

She has improved much around the home, and we made some other exercises work for her too.

She is working on losing some of her “extra”.

Click on the link above to view the video.


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