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Please contact me if you would like to schedule an in-person or a phone consult-

This is the best way to work on the most functional outcome for your pet. Please be prepared to set up a paid consult with me to individually and thoroughly deal with your pet’s rehabilitation.

I am not able to respond to each particular case with specific directions in an email when you contact me for veterinary rehab. I don’t have time to concisely answer all of your emails, however we may accomplish this during a paid, professional consult.

Great Dane
My own soulmate pet, RIP Grace, xox. She had two TPLO’s, which I would never do again based on my developed knowledge about science and recovery, and both surgeries were extremely problematic. She ended up with all three ligaments torn in her right knee and 2 torn in the left. Her story is long.

I will respond to you as soon as possible, and I have always read and responded to all my own mail. I respond to the oldest mail first, and most of the time I’m able to respond within 24 hours. The contact form below arrives in my email correctly a majority of the time (unless WordPress and the Google are fighting…) and I try to come onto the website frequently to make sure I haven’t missed any contact from people.

I work on responses to your mail around professional appointments, which come first on my schedule, and I try to respond in the mornings on weekdays, barring other time commitments. At other times I am often working, training myself, or training others, and I also volunteer a lot and work on building communities.

I am sometimes unable to respond quickly because I am traveling and/or working, and I may not have consistent email access or signal. I climb a lot of mountains and spend time in wilderness areas. Please contact me anyway so I may help you and your pet.

A Phone Consult?

People often think that I have to be present, in person, bending a pet’s legs around or palpating their spine or using laser therapy to qualify as rehabilitation. These are all potentially parts of rehabilitation yet are probably ideas that come from people knowing a little bit about how clinic-based veterinary rehab works. Rehabilitation may be accomplished in many ways when you are working with an experienced practitioner.

You usually need more variety of help than watching your pet do drills in a clinic. More instruction to you will help you to navigate your pet’s condition(s). In addition to physical work, I advise you on being your own advocate, I explain different approaches to recovery and what has been accomplished by your veterinary team thus far if you aren’t quite sure, and I advise you regarding patient navigation to get answers for you and your pet’s condition(s). I do this for human recovery as well as for veterinary.

Here are a few reasons a phone consult works in my practice, as I am accustomed to coaching and recovery over the phone and working in the field with people and pets for almost 40 years.

Cat with Leg Brace
Bro Cat Getting Fitted for His Splint

“All I Want is Some Quick Info for Free”-

I would love to answer everyone individually and for free, however I cannot do that aside from trying to keep up with posting and publishing. The least expensive and a very informative method of working with me on your pet’s recovery is via a phone consult. If you live somewhere outside of the area I’m currently in and you want to pay for my travel to you so we may work in person, then we can talk about that!

I have chosen to work independently outside of a specific clinic for many years so that I could serve a broader portion of the population, but my being outside of a clinic doesn’t mean that my knowledge is free of charge. This is important for you to know because knowledge of case issues and applicable remedies is key for your pet, and most rehabilitation is going to take place in your home, where your pet is with you a majority of the time, not in a clinic. I am confident that I am able to guide you in this work, whether on the phone or in person.

Unfortunately many people who find me on the web or social media do not follow up with me for more concise and individualized information for their pet’s recovery after they first make contact with me. They may not understand that this site is not just another “good opinion” site. Maybe they want more free info in addition to what I have published. That’s understandable, but I can only write so much on this website during tiny open time slots. Sometimes people don’t follow up with me because people think that the only good recovery has to happen in an expensive clinic environment.

My work, whether in person or on the phone, is designed to equip you to do the most good that I know of for your pet’s recovery in their frequent and usual environment.

Other times people look all over the web and decide between varieties of activities to do for their pet, and most of these activities are not providing good foundations for rehab.  Some of them (a lot of them) are copied from my many websites over the years but with pieces missing. Many of them seem like good ideas yet are out of place in the recovery process and usually more destructive than constructive. These information bits or programs are sometimes presented by well-meaning people who do not have a lot of variety of clinical and field experience. They do not know how the pieces they left out will affect recovery.

How do I know which are the right plans to follow?

People work off of their existing knowledge base and don’t know what they don’t know. That includes all of us. In this instance, we don’t understand that we are not choosing the best plan in a broad sense…we are only choosing a plan that already agrees somewhat with what we think or a plan that seems popular based on internet “hits”. There are many names for this, and information bias is one, while cognitive bias is another that I commonly see used in publications. Just be aware of how you are approaching problem solving. Are you using knowledge from a professional who has a wide variety of recovery experience and is not stuck in one rut or method?

Most of the activities I see on internet plans do not provide a solid recovery base. They might alleviate some symptoms yet not deal with the root problem. Often they definitely are not exercise recovery science based in length of program and dynamic activity. Often they are very reliant on tools that don’t work well with pet’s personalities or biology.

My plans are not the only plans, but they were the first solid recovery foundation base plans published on the web. You need more than a recovery base, so let’s do more. I moved my base plan into booklets available on Amazon in the Fall of 2013 and I expanded the information by about 20 pages from the original one-page discharge sheet. I hope to edit them soon, adding photos and more stories, and I have dozens more to publish for different conditions.

What Can I Get for Free on Here?

I am making this site as full of helpful, free or inexpensive information for you as I am able, especially regarding simple answers to some of your questions.

Please realize that almost everyone who contacts me does so after they have “been around the block” several times trying to get help for their pet. They want great and solid information, yet hope to find it free, especially after spending lots of money and not finding solutions.

Most people find me after their resources and emotions are taxed. I do understand this. Hopefully people will find and contact me sooner. I am not able to conduct free consults, but if you’ll sign up for my website emails about posts, you will occasionally receive new info that may help you. I don’t have a lot of time to post, but if you sign up, you’ll get fresh info when I do post it.

Please Take a Good Look Around This Site Before Contacting Me –

I have posted a lot of information about rehabilitation for pets on this site. You should find directions that are very helpful to you and your pet’s situation. I discuss many, many issues on this site, so I recommend you look through the site and that you use the search feature on each page to find specific topics. More info about how to get the most out of this site is on this page, How Do I Find Help for My Pet on This Site?

I am aware that I present the longest-standing and most thorough functional rehab info on the web. It is longest-standing because when I came into professional veterinary rehabilitation at the end of 2004, there were not any other consistent and progressively outlined programs published on the web that I could find at the time. At that time (and to present in many areas) discharge instructions commonly told you to put your pet in a crate and let it out in 12 weeks to return to normal activity, in short.

I started my first website in 2007 and published a basic four-week recovery program. You and your pet need more than that, but that basic program has helped recover thousands of cases.

My programs are thorough with regard to routines because I have decades of experience with a variety of species and within the best methods of human athletic and chronic disease recovery.

Yes, if you look around you will see that I am also certified in veterinary rehabilitation. No, I have not covered every conceivable condition, and I haven’t even written on the site about some common conditions. I simply haven’t had time away from practice wherein I am able to publish more info.

My programs are based on solid recovery science for you to work on your pets yourself or within your regular veterinarian’s clinic. You do not need expensive tools or a rehabilitation clinic to rehabilitate your pet from most conditions. You do need a veterinarian to be working with you on most conditions because we need licensed medical practitioner diagnostics, medications, and useful collaboration. The useful collaboration part is a work in progress. As I continually add to Q&A, you will realize this if you don’t already.

Do Veterinarians Use These Programs?

Many clinics take advantage of my functional recovery and exercise physiology-based programs. Many clinics and veterinarians have dissected my thorough programs and taken some instructions out for their own discharge papers. Usually they leave out important steps when they do that. I will correct that and fill in the blanks if we work together. My programs are designed the way they are based on decades of a variety of experience and thousands of cases. Please don’t cut corners.

There is much more info I have to publish, therefore my website is definitely not complete regarding conditions and treatments. Like all of us, I only have so much time. I have to also live other life outside of human and veterinary training and rehab. I don’t have the luxury of answering questions without compensation for my decades of experience and knowledge.  Please make an appointment with me if you need help you do not see on this site.

I will only give specific advice for a specific case if we have a professional relationship.

This means you are either a licensed veterinarian who wants to discuss a case or you are a paying client who would like to engage my services.

I regularly conduct paid phone consults with clients when I cannot be physically present. Please send a message to me if you are interested in working on your pet’s rehabilitation with me.

I will only work with clients and pets that have been to their veterinarian for the issue of concern. Your pet has to have seen that vet within the past year for that issue.  I will request diagnostic records if we are to have an appointment. It’s ok if your pet has an idiopathic condition, a condition that seems to baffle everyone. The point is that you have a veterinarian on board. This is a broad legal regulation/stipulation I work to follow.




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