Dog Torn Ligament Surgery 3 wks Ago, Still Not Putting Much Weight on Leg

POSTED BY ABEL | JANUARY 5, 2014, 12:14 PM

Hello Deborah –

Thank you for publishing your post ligament surgery guide. It has been an invaluable resource. Our dog had the lateral suture procedure about 3 weeks ago. She seems to walk reasonably well on her bad leg but still doesn’t put much weigh on it when standing. My question is regard to continued exercise after week 4. What are you general recommendations with regard to walking times and pace?

Thank you again for your great post surgical guide.


– Abel


Hi! Thank you so much for the kind words, and I’m so glad the guide and you and your dog are doing what I hope in using the guide 🙂 I haven’t yet published weeks 5-12 because I’m working out how to approach the nuances of outcomes from people following the first four weeks. Even when I meet with someone here in person, in Austin, and then go back to evaluate compliance and capability, etc…a week later, I find that often there is a wide variety of interpretation and action. That’s to be understood, since we all see the world from a different perspective…
Sometimes I see animals at 5 weeks, and they have been doing 4 weeks of exercises from my book or my online posts, yet I find they are not ready to move past week 1.
I could speak more to this situation, but I also have limited time this morning…I will email you to set up a phone consult with video review, if you’d like to do that. There is a small charge (relatively), but I’ve found it’s necessary in order to block off appropriate time in my schedule and treat you and your pet well in giving recommendations.
Thanks for contacting me, and Happy New Year!


How is she doing at this point, Abel?
Sounded like she was in need of more pain medication, and that may ring true with you as you review the pain sections of my booklet. If she is not using the leg while hanging out in the house, even if she has been making herself use it on the slow walks, then the culprit is usually, overwhelmingly, not enough pain meds. Realistically, most post-surgical pets (and people) need pain intervention for 6-12 weeks post-injury or post-sx, yet most are given only a week or two of such. Then they have to grin and bear it or they get referred to a water treadmill when additional pain meds of the correct variety will solve the issue. Keep in mind the potential for infection, which would cause pain yet require antibiotics to reduce that pain=regular pain meds won’t usually correct the pain of infection. Also, most dogs do best on a combo of at least 2 pain meds in moderate amounts, at least. One med usually isn’t enough, and depending on the drug, a small amount dosed once or twice daily is usually not enough. That statement is based on the most common drugs used in my area in the U.S. Other areas of the world have different options (or no options ;P)
All for now-


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