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Since you got to this page, you are probably hoping to find out more about other’s experiences with these rehabilitation programs. I have three different areas of feedback for you to discover. Click on the bold purple headers below and that will take you to that page of feedback.

Q&A Category –

You probably have this category figured out!

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It’s a collection of posts made from questions people have asked of me and my answers to them at the time. I have taken time to edit a few answers if my perspective has changed over time or if I think I need to make the information more clear.

I’ve got hundreds more questions on file that I have answered that I might get to make into posts, so stay tuned! Probably easier if you subscribe to this website. If you do, then you’ll receive email notice when I make new posts.

Reviews –

This page directs you to both veterinarian reviews and client reviews of my booklets and programs. I have copied most of the reviews from other business places on the web, such as Amazon. I really need and want to edit my booklets to add more info and photos and such, so, stay tuned, again.

In some cases, veterinarians wrote emails to me when they read my booklet(s) for the first time, and I copied some of the mail into posts for you to read as reviews.

Testimonials –

This  section has posts I made out of people’s feedback about the programs after they worked on rehab as I directed. In these posts clients tell how this rehab worked for their pet(s).

Social Media –

I completely deleted all of my Facebook pages and profiles in November, 2016, but I did save my files. I also deleted Twitter at the same time, but I have since begun a new Twit account. Once in a while I make a post based on feedback I received on Facebook or my old Twitter. The Twit changed in the time I was off of it, and I don’t have the same engagement type as I used to have, so there’s not a lot on there as of May, 2018. Feel free to engage me on the Twit.

Anyway, you get the idea. My other sm accounts are represented by words or badges in the sidebar or footer of this site. I aim for reciprocal connections.

I am my own social media person, and that takes a backseat to seeing patients, communicating with clients, and improving this website. There is already plenty of feedback for you to read on here, though, so I hope I’ve hit your topic of concern in these web pages.

Want to Comment?

I turned off comments on this site for a long time because I couldn’t keep up with answering people’s questions in what I thought was a timely manner. One of my former WordPress themes even stopped telling me I had comments when people posted them on the site.  I have been on the road a lot and was not able to check the site very often. Sometimes people’s questions went unanswered. Not good, imho.

I have comments after most posts turned on now. If you have feedback about this program or a post, you may write that as a comment or contact me with questions using the form on this page.

I have also been working hard on upgrading this site for you. I turned comments on again because I have easily covered info about the most frequent pet rehab questions searched on the web and on this site. I’m hoping people will read and search the site for the basics before asking me in a comment or contact form 🙂

I’m Desperate!

Please be aware that if you have a pet emergency, you really need to contact your veterinarian, a veterinary emergency clinic, or a 2nd opinion veterinarian if need be. 

Also, sometimes people do not think they are getting answers they need or want from their veterinarian. I do a lot of patient advocacy and navigation in human medicine and veterinary medicine, and I am a big fan of getting a 2nd (or 3rd or +) opinion on some issues.

People ask very many questions of me in comments and via contact forms about topics I have already covered on this site. Please search and read a lot of the info on this site so that you hopefully have your questions answered more quickly than you will waiting for me.

AND, if you read my basic post-injury or post-surgery information, you will know more details that will save you time if we later get together about your pet!

I am open to working with clients in paid consults from all around the world. I work in person and via phone for consults at this time.  You may find out more about my practice by looking at the info on the pages in the first drop-down menu under my main site banner.

Happy Reading, and Happy May Day –


First Published March 9, 2017. Updated May 1, 2018

2 Replies to “Feedback, Reviews, and Testimonials –”

  1. I have been to vets some caused more grief and unnecessary surgery for a wrong diagnoses im at the end of my rope.the book dont say how to treat 2 diffrent back leg issues

    May 3, 2018 Update:

    Thank you Deb for your response. I have been so panicked Jazzi jumped in my bay window and missed fell on her right side. She was miss diagnosed 3 times 1 unnecessary surgery before the new vet listened to me about her falling on her right side . To make a long story short since Nov I have been so panicked. I got your book and got her more meds she walked today by herself and I have her set up for rehab and therapy now. Your book did make me insist that she get meds the surgeon said she shouldn’t need them but she sure did . Thank you your book is Amazing.

    1. Hi Linda! I remember you wrote to me in a Tweet, on Twitter, last week. I responded there for you, and I’m glad you saw the response 🙂

      Did you read my information on pain on this website like I mentioned in the Tweet? The best way for me to deal with how your dog’s problems sound is through a paid rehabilitation consult with me. I will write to your email with details about how to schedule rehab with me. Thanks!

      In the meantime, here is a link to one post about a dog with several knee issues going on –
      and also read about pain on my site. Put the word pain in the search box and look at the posts that come up.

      I have worked with many pets that had hip and knee surgery at the same time or two different types of knee surgery in both knees at the same time.
      There are several stories on this website about those conditions. Start with reading what I’ve recommended in this answer for now.

      Your case is complicated and cannot be answered specifically on this site. There are a lot of factors about your dog and what has happened that we will need to cover in an appointment with me.

      I know that it is difficult for you and your Shih Tzu right now. This is the type of case I work on most of the time, along with complicated neurological cases, and I am confident that I can help you two. Watch for my email-


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