Dog Food Recommendations for Client Rehabilitation and Recovery


  • This is a product recommendation page.
  • Scroll down to find links to products and/or …
  • Look for your pet’s name if you are a current or long-time client to find the products we’ve talked about.
  • I’ve gone through the ingredients, always taking more than an hour while all the tech fights to track & cajole, and I’ve chosen the one food that comes up under each option. Amazon will give you the option to choose a different ingredient list within similar offerings. I chose the ones I did choose very specifically, so I don’t recommend going on to another set of ingredients. I hope to choose foods as close to what I wrote in the next bullet as possible.
  • I’m not 100% happy with middle-price-range options available right now, as I prefer no grains and no legumes (for decades), and I prefer food that is sourced and made in the USA. I’d even better prefer grass-fed and/or free-range and/or wild-caught animal/fish meat sources. Kibble like that is not available in mid-price range. There are more expensive raw or freeze-dried or dehydrated foods, and the benefits are observable, but that option isn’t always feasible.
  • Any more, at the time of this writing, mid-price-range is about $50-$75 for about 30-50# of kibble, fyi, it seems.

Lizzie D the Schnoodle Food, Water

Myla S the Shepherd X Food: Option 1, Option 2

Sandy R the Rescue Mix Food

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