Gracey Goldendoodle Torn CCL / ACL, No Surgery

Here is the link to my booklet, Guidelines for Home Rehabilitation of Your Dog: Instead of Surgery for Torn Knee Ligament

This booklet covers the first four weeks of activity, and there are details in the book about how to use the book 🙂

Regardless of when the injury was, starting “at the beginning” will establish a base upon which additional strengthening exercises may be performed. As in any exercise program, if you skip steps, you will most likely cause injury.

Please pay attention to and apply the information about pain–what to look for, how to treat it, when to involve your vet.

Don’t move forward in the program if your pet is not using the leg as fully as I describe in the booklet. And if they are not using it as fully as I describe, go back to week 1 or 2 AND get better pain control methods going…as discussed in the booklet.


(Reviewed 6/18/2017)

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