Great Dane With Neurological Problems, Torn Knee Ligament, Inflammation

Great Dane Miss Moneypenny Taking a Break From Rehabilitation

“I can’t say enough good things about Deb. She really helped our 12 year old Great Dane maintain her mobility up to end.

12 is ancient for a Great Dane, and Miss Moneypenny battled a lot of inflammation and ACL issues at the end of her life. Deb had a plan, she had easy manageable exercises and nutritional advice, and really just kept us all, Miss Moneypenny included, positive and moving instead of sliding into immobility and an early demise.

Miss Moneypenny passed away just shy of her 13th birthday and she was walking almost to the very end. Anyone whose ever helped a gentle giant at the end knows that the ability to move is crucial to quality of life.

Another great thing about Deb is that she comes to you! If you’ve got a big dog, or a dog that has mobility issues, you know how hard it is to get them up and out to the vets or the doggie rehab. The fact that Deb can come out to you makes things so much easier and more manageable.

Deb is a very kind compassionate and skilled professional. We were very happy to welcome her into our home and our lives.”

K. M. Dripping Springs, TX

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