Help Giving Pet Medication – Hiding Pills in Healthy Foods!

These Products Are for Both Cats and Dogs –

Do You Need Help Giving Medications to Your Pet?

These options are like “Trick or Treat!?”… and it’s both!

I prefer this type of pocket (below) to give pills in if your pet won’t take the pills easily. An example of “take pills easily” might be that your pet eagerly gulps a pill when you have put it in a thin slice of butter from grass-fed cows. Grass-fed cows produce meat and milk (for butter) that is high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Butter made from grain-fed cattle is not as healthful as butter made from grass-fed cattle and is full of pro-inflammatory Omegas from the grains they have eaten, which humans and their pets usually already get plenty of in their regular diets.

This brand of pocket is just the meat. It does not contain added flavors, sugar, grains, chemicals, or other ingredients that work against overall health.

These are duck hearts, freeze-dried: bag of freeze-dried duck hearts for treats or tasty help giving pet medications

…and these are awesome for giving stinky pills.

Here is a bulk purchase option

Tramadol is bitter, Gabapentin is bitter if the capsule breaks open, and antibiotics taste and smell nasty! Please don’t just throw most pills into your pet’s food. I often have to help pets who have stopped eating because of medications in the food. I cover more info on this in my books.

Here are a few more flavors and types of pockets I like that may help you with pill dosing –

This one is turkey: bag of turkey heart nuggets for treats or tasty help giving pet medicationsphoto of turkey hearts to purchase



And this one is chicken: photo of chicken hearts to purchase

Another Option That Works for a Lot of Pets is to Use a Canned Pet Food in Small Amounts –

You should give the canned-food ball pill treats only after a meal if you are giving an anti-inflammatory or an antibiotic. Do not give canned food balls with pills instead of a meal if you are giving anti-inflammatories or antibiotics or other medications that need a meal to go with them. Give a regular meal first, and then give the pill-treats.

I like a lot of different brands and a couple of types of food for pets. A lot of people from around the world read this website, and I don’t pretend to know what foods are available in every market. In the Austin, TX area, where I’ve lived for many years, we have a huge selection of food choices available. Other posts on this site talk about food and feeding. This post is about healthy options to help with pill dosing for your pet. For the purposes of this post, I’ll give you a link to two canned foods that may help with pill dosing. 

I recommend completely grain-free foods with ingredients sourced as cleanly as you are able to get.

Cat food works for both cats and dogs:

and I recommend it for dog pill dosing if you cannot get them to take the pills in a canned dog food ball: can of Nulo brand grain free cat food you may use for cats or dogs for tasty help giving pet medications

…and a dog version (not for cats…it won’t kill them, it’s just not high enough in protein for them, in general, to use as a regular food or snack):

There are many flavors available, so snoop around once you get to the site, if you want.

Some other tricks that don’t mess up your pet’s stomach and are better quality choices –

Cut a small sliver of grass-fed butter and “taco-burrito” the pill in the little roll of butter. This link goes to a page of choices and examples, however there are also other choices for grass-fed butter. You might already make your own! Read labels, figure out labeling tricks, and look for quality options. The butter option is super simple, so I hope it works for you!

Sometimes I meet a pet that will take pills in a small chunk of hot dog. I recommend beef that hasn’t been fed grains or trapped in a feedlot. Austin gives me a lot of choices for grass-fed meats, however I also travel a lot and see fewer choices in many cities. We can get super creative sometimes and stay with healthy choices. I don’t find a link on Amazon to a grass-fed, “clean” beef hot dog of the quality I prefer, so here’s a link to a brand that’s readily available and has less junk ingredients than most other choices.

It’s not the end of the world if you give a lesser-quality food product to your pet. I just find that one allowance leads to another then another, etc…and I have spent lots of time with clients reversing their pet’s allergies and inflammation using better or higher-quality nutrition. I will save more food information for another post. Nonetheless, I’ve given you a little insight into why I recommend the choices for help giving pet medications that I’ve recommended.


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Updated 11/14/18

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