Gus, Great Pyrenees Knee Surgery, Hip Surgery, Complications

Hi Deborah,

Gus Maxwell Porch Swing Sling
Gus Maxwell Porch Swing Sling
Teri also commented on Rehabilitation and Conditioning for Animals’s link on Facebook

Teri wrote: “Hi Deborah Carroll…although you did a superb job working with our Great Pyrenees Gus post-surgery…I would also HIGHLY recommend to anyone considering surgery (especially on a large dog) to go to all lengths trying non-surgical resolutions. As you know, Gus had the knee surgery and had every possible complication including blowing out the opposite side hip joint. Although he doesn’t consider himself disabled….I wish I had done things differently when he first had symptoms. As always….you’re the best!

My note:

The above picture is from my (Deborah’s) files…Gus enjoying the day in his porch sling I made, using pulleys and my favorite cheap harnesses (Travelin’ Dog from Petsmart online-use in rear and sometimes front). Owner Mom could help him outside during the day and then get him upright using the pulleys without as much stress to her body. I think Gus weighs more than she does!



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