Miniature Poodle Pearl Does Successful Non-Surgical Rehab for Two Torn Knee Ligaments

This book saved me!!

My vet referred me to Deborah Carroll. I read her book and followed the weekly program, and my Pearl is walking like she never had an injury!

Right after Thanksgiving last year Pearl, my miniature poodle, blew out both her back knees. It was awful. I had to carry her everywhere. I live alone so it all fell on my back, literally. I have a bad back and because of lifting her constantly, I kept throwing my own back out.

I looked into buying her braces  and was so close to buying 2 of them or doing the surgery when my vet recommended Deb Carroll. I got on her website, heard about her book, bought it, and read it, and started the program the next day.

Pearl made HUGE progress very quickly.

You have to be very very patient with your dog during this process. These walks are very boring for everyone involved. 🙂 I brought my headphones and decided to make good use of my time and started teaching myself Spanish again!

Make the best of your time on these walks and the situation all together. It was so great watching Pearl get better and better everyday. IF anyone has any questions about the program or the book, feel free to message me on here (Amazon). I have nothing but positive things to say! TOTAL LIFESAVER.”
H.W., Amazon Review

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