Simple Massage Video Uploaded to YouTube

Please watch the video to see my recommendations on method of use for massager unit AND so you will hopefully have success introducing the massager.

In my experience, less than 1% of pets will seem to not like the massager; the remaining pets either love it immediately or grow to appreciate it if you follow the plan and they feel the benefits.

Please do not let your pet just get up and walk away during the massage 🙂

Sometimes your pet may get bored or if it’s a dog, they may test the Alpha status, however this massage method is a very beneficial help to encourage circulation, relaxation, nerve conduction, cell stimulation, and other healing, so hold your pet in place to accomplish the work. They usually learn to relax and enjoy the massage time, especially if you do it as I have outlined. Most will like it right away.

Yes, they may lie down or sit or stand…but those that stand usually end up relaxing into lying down!
Here is what the massager looks like, along with a link to buy it on Amazon if you choose: