Probiotics & Antibiotics

Question/statement via email from a client this morning:

“I always give P*** yogurt with his dinner and forgot about the interactivity with Cipro.  So 2 of his first 3 doses (Tuesday and Wednesday nights) may have had diminished effectiveness.  I will discontinue the yogurt until he is done with the Cipro.”

Answer I gave:

“Actually, no problem with the yoghurt…
The probiotics and the antibiotics are both primarily processed in different parts of the g.i. tract and I always recommend taking them concurrently, in fact, I recommend upping probiotics to a multi-strain to support the system while on antibiotics. I have studied and sat through several research lectures on this topic, and while it is commonly believed in the medical mainstream that the two cancel out one another, it is actually not true.
You may, however, better support both dosings, potentially, by separating the ingestion by an half hour.”

Volumes of research exist on this topic, and I randomly chose this link to include for further reading: