Why Do Rehabilitation for Your Pet?

Is Pet Rehabilitation Helpful or Necessary?

Pet rehabilitation may be done by anybody who has the time to do it and will follow directions. You should see benefits from a good program within the first week if you are doing the right work for the problem!

pet rehabilitation for Wolf the Horse receiving laser therapy from me
Wolf the Horse

A proper rehabilitation program should increase function where at all possible, and it subsequently could improve quality of life on many levels.

Pet rehabilitation programs are helpful for any animals that…

  • have either had surgery or have not
  • need improved muscle tone, connective tissue strength, and overall health before going into surgery
  • are old or young and could benefit from quality-of-life improvements because they have some sort of function issues
  • need advanced conditioning for a new or changed living environment
  • are competitive and need sport training for improved conditioning and injury prevention
  • are overweight or obese and need a properly-designed exercise plan
Great Dane Miss Moneypenny Taking a Break From Rehabilitation
Great Dane Miss Moneypenny Taking a Break From Pet Rehabilitation

See this post on Goals of Therapeutic Exercise for more info.

I bet you already know why rehabilitation is a good idea, so I’m going to enable comments for this page for when you would like to tell me your “why”!



Updated February 17, 2018

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