Books for After Surgery: Functional Recovery and Rehabilitation

Has your pet had surgery? Do you need a rehabilitation plan to follow at home?

Then take a moment to look over this site, follow the instructions on the surgery page, and stay calm and thoughtful about your work with your pet.

This book is the program to follow to begin recovery after most orthopedic or neurological surgeries.

Rehabilitation after surgery for torn knee ligament:

Click on THIS LINK, and you should be directed to Amazon in your country, unless you live in these countries – Australia, Brasil, India, Mexico, Nederland , in which case you should click on the name of your country ^^ to be taken to the book.

(available on Kindle and in paperback, and you may order the paperback through any bookseller by using the ISBN 978-0615905358)

Some Reviews About the Books…

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2 Replies to “Books for After Surgery: Functional Recovery and Rehabilitation”

  1. Fabulous info on your website! Wow! Do you have a book for rehab after knee surgery for luxating patella as I only see book on knee surgery for ligament issues.

    1. Hi, Tricia!
      Thanks for asking, and since I published the torn knee ligament post-surgery recovery booklet, I’ve been pretty swamped and haven’t yet gotten out the individual titles of related booklets. That being said, the first four weeks is the same for any ortho issue, so go ahead and get the torn knee ligament booklet and follow the info to a “T” for patellar luxation surgery. Shoot me an email at if you want to schedule a paid phone consult now or during the middle of week 4 work (if you get the book and start the work)…I suggest getting started and then reach out to me if you hit ANY snags! Oh, and thanks for the kudos, too!
      Thanks! Deborah

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