Probiotics and Antibiotics Given Together?

Question/statement via email from a client this morning –

My client wrote the following to me about probiotics with antibiotics :

“I always give P*** yogurt with his dinner and forgot about the interactivity with Cipro.  So 2 of his first 3 doses (Tuesday and Wednesday nights) may have had diminished effectiveness.  I will discontinue the yogurt until he is done with the Cipro.”

Her overall understanding was that the antibiotics and the probiotics cancel each other out or interfere with one another’s work.

Answer I gave –

Actually, no problem with giving the yogurt and the antibiotics together.

The probiotics and the antibiotics are both primarily processed in different parts of the g.i. tract from one another.

I always recommend taking probiotics when taking antibiotics or other medications. I also recommend increasing probiotics to a multi-strain instead of the limited amount found in most commercial yogurt. Give probiotics to support the system while on antibiotics.

You may, however, potentially support giving probiotics with antibiotics better by separating giving them by an half hour. Most people give the probiotics several hours away from giving the antibiotics.

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Volumes of research exist on this topic, and I randomly chose this link to include for further reading.


Originally Posted April, 2011, Updated April, 2018

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