Solving Difficult Problems in Multiple Pets – A Testimonial

“It’s difficult to put Deb’s awesomeness into words, but I’m going to give it a go. I’ve known her for seven years, and she has worked with my dog, my best friend’s dog, and I’ve referred several other friends’ dogs to her. They all love her, so it’s not just me who is crazy about her.

Bella the Wonder Dog Being her Athletic Self

Vets know what they know, and they don’t know what they don’t know. Like every practitioner, they use the tools they learned, but they aren’t always the best tools to solve a problem. I call this a case of “sometimes when you’re in the bottle, you can’t read the label.” Deb is a gifted label reader.

Deb has the advantage of years and years of knowledge and experience, training, wisdom, and the ability to manage and solve difficult cases like nobody I’ve ever met.

Deb is like the hub of a wheel, and in my opinion central to case management. She knows how to direct clients to the proper vet, unravel mystery ailments, and treat her clients (animal and human) with utmost respect. Plus, she has a wicked sense of humor, and she’s very empathetic–not sympathetic. There is a difference.

It requires a passionate person who approaches problems with the view of a bird flying high above to do what Deb does. Her thought process is different. Her approach is different. Her results are astounding.

Deb rocks and she’s more awesome than awesome. The end.”
~Heidi Armstrong, Injured Athlete’s Toolbox

Bella in Sun in Field on Vacay
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