Sully’s Story: Great Dane with Lick Granuloma, Spinal Infection (probable), Paralysis, Ulcer, Pneumonia

I first met Sully March 4, 2011, and you have seen him if you have followed some of my posts about him on Facebook and Twitter. I was first called to see him by a mobile vet and the owner stated as her main concern for Sully at the time, “loss of use of hind legs”. The owner, a woman living alone and not able to easily cope with this just-under-200 pounds-dog who couldn’t move on his own, contacted me on Feb. 28, 2011, and our schedules did not match up until the fourth of March…and by that time he had ceased to be mobile and had been stuck, lying on one side, for several days.

The short story for those of you with attention span issues is that Sully couldn’t walk, had a lick granuloma that was about 2 yrs. old, had likely incurred spinal infection from the infected granuloma site, had several urine burn ulcers, developed pneumonia, was treated for pneumonia, which, in turn, developed into long-term treatment for possible spinal infection, was treated for pain, was pushed daily to move in increasing amounts, and is now walking down the street with no assistance.

A case outcome like this is relatively rare, primarily because the owner has stuck with treatment (it works if you work on it and give it time…), and usually a case like this would have been euthanized because he is huge, the owner did not have additional help in the home, he is aggressive, and the owner was not going to have him hospitalized for any reason-not for pneumonia, not for machine-based diagnostics, not for urinary incontinence, not…period.

Sully definitely had some dark moments, yet everything that has happened with Sully has been “do-able”, maybe not optimal by  some of today’s standards, yet definitely “do-able”. I have pushed Sully, the vets, the owner, and any other caretaker every inch of the way to drive us all to give Sully the best treatment we all could…it has definitely been a collaborative effort, and I knew from my background and experience that experiences like ours with Sully were/are very novel to the majority.

Silly Sully

Thank you for your attention thus far, and blessings…please take any of the following info and use it to heal in your corner of the world.

Two block-and-tackles, a belly sling, a saddle girth, some caribiners, and a hind end sling…gets the day going!

April 7, 2012

Today is Sully’s 10th birthday! I have been working with him for one year and one month. A year ago, he couldn’t stand on his own and was sporting a urinary catheter. Last week he tried to run down the street with me! We love us some Sully!

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