Sully the Great Dane With Neurological Problems

“I highly recommend Deborah for any pet rehab. My 9-year-old Great Dane collapsed for some unknown reason and was paralyzed. Two vets told me he probably wouldn’t recover and I should consider putting him down. Fortunately one of the vets told me about Deborah and, being a Great Dane owner herself, she came to visit my big boy.

Silly Sully Great Dane with Paralysis

She started him on laser therapy and built the “Sully station” out of PVC pipe just for his personal rehab. Within a very short period of time he was able to get up with help and take short walks. He progressed to being able to get up on his own and walk around the house and eventually outside unaided.

Sully in Sully Station to do His Neurological Drills

Because of Deborah I was able to have my wonderful companion for an extra year-and-a-half. She cares about every pet she treats and equally cares about the people who love their companions. Deborah is a wonderful educator and knows how to think out of the box. She’ll always be a special person to me!”          Diane S., Austin, TX

Sully in the Middle of His Daily Walk After Recovery
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