What Would You Do For MPL’s? (Medial Patella Luxation)

Hi, Deborah-

Dr. D at our clinic is referring a 1.5 year old,  male, 31#, mixed breed with bilateral medial patella luxation to you. How should we proceed?

Thank you-

Rehabdeb Replies:


I’m glad you contacted me!

First, I will tell you that I start out MPL’s here on my website, reading my foundational recovery recommendations and reading Q&A, as well as using the search box to search for the topics of “patella” and “kneecaps” in individual word/topic searches. Those searches should bring up quite a bit of reading material for you, resulting in your having good information to begin rehabilitation work with your pet.

Please begin with the following page:

Luxating Patellas

The books on the page noted above are titled as specific to ACL/CCL (knee ligament) rupture or tear, however I use the same 4-weeks’ process outlined in these booklets for work on patella luxation pets, as well (I say “pets” instead of “dogs”, because I have worked with cats, too, on patella luxation rehabilitation). I cover how the books are relevant to MPL on the following page:

Pet Injury

Let me know if you have additional questions!


(Reviewed November 16, 2023)

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