We Are Proof that You Can Successfully Rehab Your Pet at Home Without the Trauma and Recovery of Surgery

“Deborah Carroll provides effective exercises for physical therapy that are non-invasive and can be done at home with successful outcomes.

This is a great introduction book that explains the physical therapy instead of surgery route and what it means for you and your pet. These guidelines and exercises are a way of treating a torn ligament that works as long as you and your pet are ready to take the time to achieve results.

Surgery is not always inevitable, and Deborah Carroll provides an alternative.

My dog has followed these guidelines and has had great results. At the time of her injury she could not walk on her back leg (torn ACL, meniscus). Through working with the support of our veterinarian for pain management, the physical therapy, and suggested diet changes, she not only walks on all her legs again, she can go for long walks, climb hills and stairs and pull me down the sidewalk.

We are proof that you can successfully rehab your pet at home without the trauma and recovery of surgery.”

K., Amazon Review

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