Tiny the Broken Back Kitty

Tiny’s Transitional Mobility Mover-First Few Days

I built this for Tiny while I was doing rehab for her broken back. She has a standard cart, but a cart is a poor choice for Tiny and for her situation. This video is one of her first times in the Mover.

Tiny Improves in Mobility Mover

After working on a few drills a day in her Mover, Tiny ambles down her hallway during week 2 of Mover Mobility 🙂 Drills I prescribed were specific to her neuro capabilities as demonstrated by action and not solely reliant upon diagnostic statements with the exception that I am always attentive to pain signs and diagnostics as relates to damage or injury that I consider when creating exercise protocol.

Tiny Walks – Broken Back Kitty

This is Tiny Kyle, the kitty with the broken back that I featured a couple of weeks ago in the mobility station I built specific to her needs. This is the most movement she has achieved since the accident over a year ago, and this is substantial, to say the least! We are all pretty excited

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