FHO for Westie Going Well Now…

Fall, 2013
I went last week out to a veterinary clinic at a vet’s request to see a Westie that had hip surgery and whose leg was just dangling after about 2 weeks. The young dog has been diagnosed with Legg-Calve’ Perthes disease, and he has had an FHO surgery on one hip.
This is the text I got from the owner Saturday, three days later:
Hi, Deborah-
We are seeing good improvement in JJ. He’s standing on his leg at each meal and he has started to use it during our slow walks. He appears to be much happier-caught him smiling today! We haven’t completed all the walks you prescribed yet. Only 2 five min walks today. He’s keeping still most of the day. If not in his crate, he sleeps on the floor in my office or in our family room. We look forward to seeing you next week.
That’s great news, and we had an hour and a half appointment, in person, to ensure that the caretaker really understood what was going on and my instructions.
It also really, really helps that we have full support from the veterinarian, a young man who does a lot of surgery and with whom I have only worked infrequently. He became familiar with the type of exercise physiology-based rehab I promote and practice through injury during his own life adventures, and he seems to understand and embrace the concepts I talk about with him. He successfully uses a lot of these guidelines without my intervention, and I’m really glad to have been brought in on this case. I think together we’ll make a huge difference!
I’m soon to publish the guidelines for post-FHO surgery, but in the meantime, you will do well to begin by using the same guidelines I have already published for post-knee surgery. Here is a link to the Amazon page with the booklet, currently available in paperback or on Kindle:

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